Karavany Česko – a caravan rental business has prepared something new this year (yet again) for its customers – their very own campsite in the heart of Prague. This synergy will allow us to increase comfort for our customers. Who else can offer for you to rent a caravan and to stay at their own campsite?

The camp is located on Císařská louka, one of the Prague islands, which is located as little as 1 km from Prague’s City centre. During its 18 years of existence, Praguecamp has ensured the comfort of thousands of satisfied guests and travellers, aiming to discover the beauty of the heart of Europe. In 2020, this campsite got new owners (us!) and underwent a complete refurbishment, which increased the comfort for our guests and significantly expanded the range of services we provide. Interested to see what gem the campsite has become right in Prague’s City centre?